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The Bradford Factor isa simple (yet useful!) equation that can be used to quickly determine the level of ‘risk’ posed by employees’ patterns of absence. This method of scoring helps employers to better decide when further investigation is necessary. It is calculated as follows:

The Bradford Factor isa mathematical equation and will treat everyone the same – regardless of who they are. Using an equation helps to guard against favouritism within HR departments. But let’s slow down for a second. If you unpack either of those benefits to any degree then the Bradford Factor quickly starts to fall apart.

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The Bradford Factor isa formula used by people in HR to help measure and monitor absence. Its name comes from the connection it has with research conducted by Bradford University School of Management in the 1980s and it aims to demonstrate the disproportionate disruption caused by multiple short-term absences.

What Is The Average Bradford Score A NEW book by The Yorkshire post cricket correspondent chris waters charts the progression of the highest individual score in … HR departments often use the Bradford formula to calculate the impact of absence. But how does it work, and is it still a valid metric? 15/02/2017  · bradford factor trigger levels are completely flexible and

23/05/2018  · What theBradford Factor aims to do, is combine the two.Bradford Factor uses both total time lost,and frequency of absence , to calculate a score that can indicate how disruptive specific employee absence patterns are for your organisation. It places a greater weighting on the frequency,and is best used for scoring individual employees.

23/07/2013  · The Bradford Factor calculation in a nutshell, isthe number of instances (Spells) an employee has been absent over a set period of time, multiplied first by itself, and then by the total number of days (Days). The theory is that when a score hits a certain threshold, it’s probably time to investigate and take action.