What Is The Average Bradford Factor Score

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27/07/2018  · The higher an employees Bradford Factor score, the more of a negative impact on the organisation. Or at least, so the Bradford Factor says. For example, if an employee is absent once in 52 weeks for five days, their Bradford Factor score is worked out this way: (SxS)x(D)= B (1×1)x5= 5

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The Bradford Factor formula is really simple but to make it even easier we’ve added a bradford factor calculator to the bottom of this page. S x S x D = Bradford points score S is the number of occasions of absence in the last 52 weeks and D is the total number of days absence in the last 52 weeks.

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Larry’s Bradford Factor score is 686 points. So what do these scores mean? Each business that uses that Bradford Factor has their own high and low scores, which they refer to when monitoring staff absence over a set period. Here is an example of trigger point scores you could use: 0 points = no concern about your employee. 51 points = informal verbal warning with notes to improve.

HR departments often use the Bradford formula to calculate the impact of absence. But how does it work, and is it still a valid metric?