What Is My Council Tax Band Bradford

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Find out the Council Tax band for a property in England, Scotland or Wales by looking up the property's postcode online. on the council tax valuation list. Before you start. Search for homes in Scotland on the scottish assessors website.

The current Council Tax bands in England have been in effect since 1993. You can find out what Council Tax band you property is in by using the postcode search on GOV.UK. Once you know your Council Tax band you can use the table below to find out how much Council Tax will cost for a year.

Council tax bands determine how much council tax you pay. Your band is calculated based on the value of your property at a specific point in time. How can I change my council tax band? There are instances where people feel their property has been put into the wrong council tax band.

How to challenge your council tax bandbradford council charges eight different amounts of Council Tax. These amounts are called Council Tax bands. The amount you pay depends on which band your property falls into. The Council Tax band for a property is decided by The Valuation Office Agency (VOA).